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August 23, 2017

Toyota Corolla Ecotec 2012 Review & Price in Pakistan

New Toyota Corolla Ecotec 2012 Review in Pakistan

Toyota Indus is joint venture which is responsible for assembling, progressive manufacturing and marketing of Toyota vehicles in Pakistan. Now they are introducing brand new Toyota Corolla 2012 in the market which is officially known as ‘Corolla Ecotec 2012’. New Corolla Ecotec is the first Toyota Corolla Vehicle which has factory fitted CNG system with safety and performance according to the standards of Toyota. Toyota Motors specially approved and designed this vehicle for local Pakistani auto market due to high demand of factory fitted CNG.
New Toyota Corolla Ecotec is available in two different models i.e. Corolla Ecotec XLi and GLi. GLi automatic 2012 is the premium model of this car which comes in factory fitted CNG and fully automatic features.

New Toyota Corolla Ecotec 2012 Features

This new car has some unique features which revolve around its factory fitted CNG system. Gas Tanks are beautifully designed along with Gap Tank Protector and other features like Automatic Solenodial Valve, Refill Valve, Sequential Injection System and Engine Cylinder Head. Gas Tank capacity of new Corolla Ecotec is 60 liters.

Toyota Corolla Ecotec 2012 pic
New Toyota Ecotec Safety
There is especially designed rubber shield to protect fuel or other liquid from entering luggage compartment. Expertly designed gas tank built in with support to avoid gas tank shaking and leakage. There is gas tank protector which only provides good shape to the tank but also provides maximum safety.
New Toyota Ecotec 2012 Performance
It provides amazing fuel economy due to sequential injection system which provides optimum vehicle performance. High pressure tube and ample capacity of cylinder also makes it more useful and reliable. All other standard features which are part of Toyota Corolla are present in this new vehicle.
Overall new Corolla GLi automatic 2012 is an amazing car with systems like Dual VVTi fuel system, ABS (Anti-Lock Breaking System) and Elegant Dark Grey Upper Interior.
Toyota Corolla 2012 Ecotec Price in Pakistan

  • Corolla Xli Ecotec price in Pakistan: Rs.1,569,000
  • Corolla GLi Ecotec price in Pakistan: Rs.1,699,000
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