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August 23, 2017

Top Ten Worst Floods in History of World

Top Ten Worst Floods in History
Huang He River of China is famous for its devastating floods. It is also known as China’s Sorrow because of it caused huge destruction in China through out its history. Records of floods caused by China’s Huang He or Yellow river dated back to 2297 BC. Since then, it has flooded at least 1500 times, resulting in million of deaths in China. According to some accounts, the flood of 1887 may have resulted in as many as 6 million deaths because over 2000 town and villages were destroyed by the flood. In modern times, an extensive program of damming and dike-building has reduced the danger. Nevertheless, in the 1990’s almost 70 per cent of the people worldwide affected by floods were Chinese.
Following is the list of top ten worst floods in the history of world. Her we are only counting those floods which are in recorded history.

worst floods

  • 1-Haung He River, China-August 1931-3.7 million death tool
  • 2-Haung He River, China-Spring 1887-1.5 million dead
  • 3-Holland-1530-400,000 dead
  • 4-Kaifon, China-1642-300,000 dead
  • 5-Henan, China-1939-200,000 dead
  • 6-Bengal, India-1876-200,000 dead
  • 7-Yangtz River, China-1931-140,000 dead
  • 8-Holland-1646-110,000 dead
  • 9-North Vietnam-1971-100,000 dead
  • 10-Friesland, Holland-1228-100,000 dead

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