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August 21, 2017

Top Ten Largest Companies in the World 2012

Top Ten Biggest Companies 2012

Today we live in age of Corporate world where multi national companies and corporation rule the world. Althought these companies not holds the political power in major world powers yet they support and plays crucial role in politics of world’s largest economies. These multi-national companies provide jobs to the million all over the world but their only purpose is to earn profit which is also known as “Bottom Line” in the Corporate world.
According to prestigious Forbes Magazine, the Global 2000 companies now account for $36 trillion in revenue, $149 trillion in assets and $37 trillion in market value. These firms provides jobs to 83 million people worldwide.
Followings is the list of top ten biggest companies in the world for year 2012. The criteria for these top mult-national companies in the world is multi-pronged i.e. sales, profits, assets and market value. Based on these four criteria we have prepared a list of top 10 largest companies in the world in year 2012.

Exon Mobile
Exxon Mobile is at number one in this list because it is world’s most profitable company with $41 billion in profits. In this list of top ten companies, five belongs to USA which shows the importance of these companies in World’s super power. Two leading Chinese companies also makes their way into this list which proves the rise on China in Capitalistic world.

  1. Exxon Mobile-USA
  2. JP Morgan Chase-USA
  3. General Electric- USA
  4. Royal Dutch Shell-Netherlands
  5. ICBC-China
  6. HSMC-Holdings-UK
  7. Petro China-China
  8. Bkershie Hathaway-USA
  9. Wells Fargo-USA
  10. Petrobras-Petroleo Brazil-Brazil

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