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August 17, 2017

Top Ten Finishers in WWE 2014

Top Ten Finishers in WWE 2014

Following are the top ten finishing moves in WWE for year 2014.


Simplistic in its application, devastating in its effect, the RKO is a move that can be administered anywhere at any time. It’s the maneuver that transformed The Viper into one of the most decorated Superstars in WWE history, and made Randal Keith Orton a household name. Derived from Johnny Ace’s “Ace Crusher,” the RKO has evolved into a one-handed variation of the traditional face-lock cutter…with truly devastating results.

Randy Orton RKO Cena

2-Attitude Adjustment

No Superstar has ever been as divisive as John Cena, but the WWE Universe can’t argue about the power and timelessness of his signature AA.


It’s the move that dropped The Undertaker and laid to rest the greatest Streak in sports-entertainment history.

 4-Brogue Kick

Sometimes it’s the simplest moves that are the best—and the most painful. Just ask anyone who’s had his face smashed in by Sheamus’ boot.

 5-Curb Stomp

A quick, brutal act, Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp finisher has emerged as one of the most visceral and devastating moves in all of WWE


Sure, it’s been used by other Superstars, but today, it belongs to Roman Reigns, who haunts WWE rings with what may well be the most earth-shattering deployment of the spear ever.


For nearly two decades, The Devil’s Favorite Demon has sent opponents straight to hell with his now-classic Chokeslam finisher.

 8-The Accolade

In the immortal words of Lana—“Rusev, CRUSH!” It’s the massive pressure of the Accolade that allows The Bulgarian Brute to do all of said crushing.

9-The Patriot Lock

This Red, White and Blue Leg lock is particularly painful because of the leverage added by Swagger’s towering height.

10-Sister Abigail

You can feel Wyatt’s disdain for the world when he traps an opponent in his clutches and introduces him to this punishing finisher.

“Courtesy of WWE Magazine”

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