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August 23, 2017

Top Ten Countries with Highest number of Facebook Users 2012

Top Ten Countries with most Facebook users 2012

Facebook not only revolutionized the world of internet but also our lives. Millions of users are spending plenty of hours daily on Facebook which makes it hottest social networking website of planet. There are approximately 700 million users of Facebook and they are increasing with passage of time due to its innovative features, rich user experience and other entertainment features. You can connect with your old friends and loved one with Facebook easily. Although Facebook is famous all over the world yet there are few countries with most of Facebook users. USA is the country with most number of Facebook users where around 145 million people user this social networking website. Interestingly developing nations like Indonesia, India, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Philippines are among the top 10 countries with most Facebook users in 2012.
Followings are the list of top ten countries with most Facebook users in 2012.

Countries with highest number of Facebook Users details

  1. USA (total number of Facebook users in USA are around 145.7 millions)
  2. Indonesia (41.1 million)
  3. India (41 million)
  4. Brazil (35 million)
  5. Mexico (30 million)
  6. Turkey (30 milling)
  7. UK (30 million)
  8. Philippines (27 million)
  9. France (23 million)
  10. 1Germany (22 million)

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