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July 23, 2017

Top Ten Countries with Highest Divore Rate in the World 2012

Top Ten Countries with highest Divorce Rate 2012

Marriage is the most important family institution in the world but in modern times divorce rate is increasing all over the world. There has been increasing rate of separation among the couples every year and here you can see the list of top ten countries with highest divorce rate in 2012. Some factors which are directly responsible for the failure of marriage all over the world are adultery, extra-marital affairs, domestic violence, addiction, materialism and unemployment. In these top ten countries with highest divorce rate there is not a single Islamic country which shows the success of marriage institution in Islamic countries and Islamic societies. High rate of separation not only disturb the lives of couple but also creates other problems in society. High divorce rate is associated with other social-economic problems like violence against women, prostitution, moral degrading of society and sexual diseases.

Divorced Couple
Followings are the list of top 10 countries with highest divorce rate in year 2012. The percentage of divorce given below shows the number of marriages ends up in divorce among every 1000 marriages.
Russia is the country with highest divorce rate in the world. Common reasons for this high rate of separation are abusive to wives, unfaithful and leaving the paternal responsibilities to women. Women in Russia works more than men for their family and this is the cause of high divorce rate in Russia. They prefer affair and dating with foreign men which makes Russian Women popular for online dating and prostitution. Rate of divorce in Russia is 5.3%.
With rate of 5.27% Aruba is at number two in this list of countries with highest divorce rate.
The most powerful nation of the world has very high divorce rate i.e. 4.19%. The common reason for this is materialism in society.
With divorce rate of 3.80% Panama is known as Divorce capital of the world. The major reason of this high separation rate is cheating with spouse.
Ukraine got the fifth position with divorce rate of 3.79% in this list of top ten countries with highest divorce rate in 2012.
Another Eastern European country with divorce rate of 3.77% makes its place in this notorious list.
The divorce rate in Moldova is 3.50% and major reason is that women not only work outside but also responsible for paternal responsibilities.
The main reason of high divorce rate in Cuba is because marriages being held just for sake of financial gain or for visas. The divorce rate is 3.16% in Cuba.
9-Czech Republic
Country is full of many immigrants and ethic groups which results in high divorce rate of 3.11%. In this country divorce rates are highest among European countries.
10-South Korea
With divorce rate of 3.05%, this country is at number ten in this list of countries with highest divorce rate in 2012.

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