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August 23, 2017

Top Games of 2012 | Most Anticipated Games of Year

Top games for year 2012
Year 2012 is really a special year for hardcore games because many famous games will be released this year. PS3, XBOX 360 and other latest gaming platforms completely changed the gaming industry. Now games are not only for small children but for everyone. Even there are some new games which only made for the adults and not suitable for children. Although there will be hundred of new games hit the market shelves but here are some most exciting upcoming games or most anticipated games of year 2012. Followings are the best games releasing in 2012.

Best games 2012
Grand Thief Auto 5/ GTA 5
All time favorite action game is all ready to entertain the games in year 2012. No other game earns so much fame and popularity as GTA. This time with much bigger city (you will be in Los Angeles) and much stiffer challenge, you have to fight your way in most enhanced graphical environment developed to date.
Halo 4
This super popular game has fascinated the world before and fourth part of this game will do the same in year 2012. Make sure to place your order early because after its release all copies will be surly sold out quickly.
Max Payne 3
This old-favorite game is set to return this year with lot more to offer. New York Detective Max Payne is coming back to fight with the memories of his past and new challenges. This time there are much more improved graphics and technology in this game.
Mass Effect 4
Another record breaking game will rock the gaming world in March 2012 when it will be released. This time struggle of Commander Shepherd against the reapers is more entertaining and challenging.
Diablo 3
In this list of most anticipated games of year 2012, Diablo 3 from House of Blizzard has special place. This Diablo franchise will offer much more to the user because improved technology and graphics.
Guild Wars 2
Those gamers who likes to spend many hours on strategy based games are waiting for the release of this game.


  1. GT V is by far the best one so far, I absolutely adore this game,
    brilliantly coded Rockstar!

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