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July 23, 2017

The Most Remote Community in the World

The Most Remote Community in the World

2430 Km to the closest neighbor, that’s the concept of “local” for the 263 inhabitants of the South Atlantic island of Tristan da Cunha, making their community the most remote on Earth. The nearest inhabited land, the island of Saint Helena, is located 2,430 km to the north, or the same as the distance between Moscow and Amsterdam. The closest mainland is South Africa, 2,800 km to the east.

Tristan da Cunha forms part of an archipelago under British rule including a total of six islands. The 98 Km2 Island mainly consists of a fertile stratovolcano rising 2,062 m above the ocean surface. The only flat area is located towards the north-west, where you will find the islanders’ homes in the village of Edinburgh.

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The Tristans go all the way back to 1816. Napoleon was placed under house arrest on the island of Saint Helena, and the British feared that France would use other Atlantic islands to launch an attack. So, the UK stationed a corporal and his family on Tristan da Cunha. Until 1908, the island experienced limited immigration. Today, the population lives by agriculture, fishery, and the sale of coins.

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