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August 19, 2017

The Hunger Games Book 1 Review & Download

The Hunger Games 

The Hunger Games 2008 or The Hunger Games Book 1 is the first installment of popular science-fiction novel written by American author Suzanne Collins. It was published on 14 September 2008 and broke many sale records. This novel has been translated into 26 different languages and publishing rights have been sold in 38 territories.

This action-adventure novel revolves around the life of 16 years old Katniss Everdeen. She lives in post-apocalyptic world in North America. The Hunger Game is annual event conducted by ruling “Capitol” and all slave districts contribute a girl & boy for televised battle to the death.

Direct links of websites that contain the books are removed as keeping in view the Google AdSense Policy Guidelines regarding copyright so now you need to go to media sharing websites like mediafire.com, 4shared.com or mediashare.com yourself and download the books from there.

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