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August 21, 2017

The Dudley Boyz Wallpapers – Team 3D return to WWE

The Dudley Boyz

“The Dudley Boyz” are also known as “Team 3D” and considered as one of the most successful tag teams in history of WWE. Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley fought all around America and famous all over the world. They are the only team that won WWE, ECW, WCW, NWA, TNA and IWGP Tag Team Championships. Another reason of their popularity is deadly use of tables during their match. Their finishing move “3D” is considered one of the most stunning tag team moves in business. They love to break the tables on their opponents during fight.

Real name of Bubba Ray Dudley is “Mark LoMonaco” and D-Von Dudley is “Devon Hughes”. They started their career in 1996 from ECW and got popular due to their fighting skills in the ring. In 1999 they joined WWE (WWF then) and won the Tag Team Championship. At WWE they won many championships and retained the tag team championship for long time. They are considered as the most successful Tag Team Champions at WWE. In August 2015, both brothers return to WWE after almost 10 years and stunned the other tag teams like Prime Time, New Day and The Ascension.

During their long career Dudley Boyz won many matches as team but they are not very successful as individual wrestlers. Their recent come back in WWE is exciting prospect for WWE fans and they can expect them to rule the tag team stage.

The Dudley Boyz

Here in this post we have designed some latest hd wallpapers of The Duddley Boyz for their fans.

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