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August 21, 2017

Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2012 Review, Specs & Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Ravi Review

There is not much competition in commercial vehicle segment of local Pakistani auto market. New Suzuki Ravi is your true business partner due to its reliability and performance. New Ravi comes with factory fitted Italian CNG cylinder Kit. This cylinder is conveniently placed under the deck without compromising cargo space. Although total cargo load capacity of this vehicle is 600 kg yet it is capable of carrying more than that. Without any doubt Suzuki Ravi is the most successful commercial vehicle in Pakistan (Recently Hyuandai Shehzore emerge as furious competitor of Ravi in Pakistan)

New Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2012 Performance & Engine

It equipped with four-stroke, water-cooled, OHC, 3 cylinder engine. It provides excellent mileage due to its fuel efficient engine. Total fuel tank capacity is 36 Liter and there are two CNG cylinders (20 Liter each) with total capacity of 40 Liters. It is blessed with improved strut & Leaf spring suspension system.

Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2012 Interior & Exterior

As it is a commercial vehicle hence there is nothing elegant or fascinating about its exterior or interior. It has strong frame and new Ravi comes with modified headlights. Fog lamps are also part of its impressive exterior. Only two persons can sit inside this vehicle.

Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2012 Features & Colours

New model of Suzuki Ravi comes in three different colors i.e. white, silver and red. There is nothing to tell about its other features because it is basically a cargo vehicle with only one purpose and that is to provide maximum cargo space and loading power. It comes in two models i.e. Ravi VX and Ravi VX CNG.

Suzuki Ravi price in Pakistan (23 April 2016)

  • Ravi VX: Rs.672,000

Suzuki Ravi 2012 Advantages

  • Low price
  • Good mileage
  • Low maintenance costs
  • More cargo space
  • Best for commercial use

Suzuki Ravi 2012 Disadvantages

  • Ordinary shape
  • Only 2 passenger capacity
  • Uncomfortable interior

Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2012 Specs/Specifications

Suzuki Ravi 2012 Specifications
Suzuki Ravi 2012 Pictures & Wallpapers

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