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July 23, 2017

Suzuki Cultus EURO II Review & Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Cultus Review & Models

Suzuki Cultus is another successful car of Pak Suzuki Motors in local Pakistan auto market. This car gain popularity very fast after its introduction. The main reason for its success is its reasonable price, good mileage and low maintenance costs. Although it is a hatchback car but it gives looks of big sedan car. There are two models or variants of new Suzuki Cultus i.e. Cultus VXRi and Cultus VXRi CNG.
New Suzuki Cultus Mileage & Performance
This compact car provides good mileage due to its efficient and economic New G10B EFi engine. It travels about 12 km in one liter of petrol. Total fuel tank capacity of this car is 40 Liters. It has four cylinder 1000cc engine along with five-speed manual transmission. Combination of front Disc brakes and drum rear brakes along with sound suspension system ensures high quality driving experience.
Suzuki Cultus Interior & Exterior
Elegant exterior of this vehicle is adorned with bold front grille, full wheel caps, blue tinted headlights and trendy rear combination lamps. New model has black side mirrors along with integrated and styled rear garnish with ‘S’ mark on it.
Interior of this car is comfortable and spacious. There is stylish new speedometer, latest MP3 player and ergonomically designed instrument panel.
Suzuki Cultus Colors & Features
One amazing feature of this new car is availability in many colors. It come with seven different colors i.e. solid white, silky silver, graphite gray, eminent blue, pearl red, smoke green and pearl blue. CNG cylinder of Suzuki Cultus has total capacity of 55 Liter along with all safety features. There is hassle-free side by side CNG and Petrol filling option in this car. Most impressive part of its CNG kit is the CNG regulator (an automatic device to reduce the natural gas pressure at any required level).
Overall new Suzuki Cultus 2012 is safe, economic and well build vehicle. I personally like its executive looks, comfortable drive and good fuel economy.
Suzuki Cultus Price in Pakistan (on 1 January 2016)

  • Cultus EURO II price in Pakistan: Rs. 1124,000 in 2017 (Rs. 1034,000 old price) (Rs. 985,000 in 2012)
  • Cultus Euro II CNG: Rs. 1199,000 in 2017 (Rs. 1109,000 old price)

Suzuki Cultus  Specs/Specifications

Suzuki Cultus 2012

Suzuki Cultus 2017 New Model in Pakistan

For details about New Suzuki Cultus 2017 Model click here on on the picture of new Cultus given below.

Suzuki Cultus Pictures & Wallpapers

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  1. ihhtesham says:

    cultus fazool car hay … price 10 lacs 15 thosand hay 2012 model ke aur na abs brake hay na power steering hay na power mirror hay na koi dosre khas baat hay is may bss same to same mehran hay … 10 lacs pay to toyota vitz be hosakte hay aur wo full automatic hay aur orignally japanes car hay ….. khud he socho aur per cultus ke bare may b aur vitz ke bare may b …prices same to same

    • @Ihhtesham
      thanks for sharing your thoughts with us
      It will definitely enlighten those who are planning to buy Suzuki Cultus

  2. nice article google

  3. its fucken shit price.according to me its price considered maximum 340000

  4. Thanks for ur reviews guys, i am planning to buy cultus, but now i am having a second thought about it….. 🙂

  5. Cultus rocks!! 🙂

  6. majid malik says:

    cultus ki 2 khubian hain. ek CNG aur dusri resale achi hay i means pasay nai torti. vitz cultus say bohat better hay per wo cng nai aur resale per pasay torti hay. santro is better than cultus

    • You are right!
      – Cultus is not a Car of Petrol
      – Vitz is not a Car of CNG
      – Snatro is gggrrrreeeeeaaaaatttttttt Gari on both CNG and Petrol its great! On even CNG you can run it on 150KM per hour and on Petrol you can break Meter needle.

  7. noman aftab says:

    agr 12 km karti hay tu faida phir, meri 95 corrolla efi itna krti ha and its more comfortable and reliable than cultus

  8. I think we have to purchase Adam Revo because this is our country manufactured. 😀

  9. My cultus 2008 VXRi driven first owner for 140,000 km, still going good and gives 15km/Liter plus always. On CNG I tried it’s limits by driving slow from Rwp to lahore via GT road at around 90/100 kph and it gave me 251 km. (Conditions : two persons; no luggage; CNGpressure 230 psi which is more than allowable limits). Never broken down on way. In city it has never given lesser than 14 km except when I get stuck up in traffic jams. Vitz is not for those ppl who are salaried personnel. My friend’s Vitz had problem in push button start. Took 70,000rs to fix it. Opinion: Cultus doesn’t make u repent. It’s actually a trade – off. A simple nice family car; not at all shit as sb said here.

  10. Zayan Ahmed says:

    Cultus is better then vitz in term of fuel economy, vitz will sooner or later give you 10-12km/l but still vitz rocks because of its luxurious features and road control, I use vitz but I am also planning to buy a cultus for my family.

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