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July 23, 2017

Roman Reigns WWE Champion Wallpapers

Roman Reigns WWE Champion

No other superstar worked so hard and got so much close to the WWE title over a year than Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble Match in 2015 and entered into main even WrestleMania. He fought hard with Brock Lesnar but finally outsmarted by Seth Rollins who cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and not only became the new WWE Champion but a new face of WWE. Seth Rollins remained the blue eyed boy of “The Authority” and retain the title for many months.

During all these months Roman Reigns came close to title many times but forced out by The Authority. At Money in the Bank when he was just second away from taking contract, Bray Wyatt ruined his chances by attacking him. After long feud he finally defeated the Bray Wyatt in Hell in Cell match. Roman Reigns won the fatal four way match and became the No.1 contender for title against Seth Rollins. After unexpected injury of Seth Rollins, WWE title became vacant and he won a hard fight tournament to become WWE Champion at Survivor Series but only for 5 minutes and 15 second. Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank and shattered his dream only after 5 minute. That was perhaps the most disappointed moment for him in his career. Second time in a year he was out maneuvered by Mr. Money in the Bank.

At TLC he fought a hell of match with Sheamus and about to won the match when partners of Sheamus interfered in match and helped Sheamus won the match. At that moment Roman Reigns got mad with rage and devastated Sheamus, his partners and especially Triple H with steel chair. Triple H was seriously injured and admitted into hospital as result of that assault.

Very next day at Raw he spoke against McMahon family and got title match with Sheamus but on a condition that if he lost that match he would be fired from WWE. All odds were against Roman in that match as Mr. McMahon was himself on the side of ring and partners of Sheamus also there to interfere but Roman did unthinkable and he not only won the match and WWE title but also saved his career. During that match he also punch owner of WWE (Mr. McMahon) on the face. So after a long and hard struggle Roman Reigns finally became the WWE champion.

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Roman Reigns WWE Champion Wallpapers

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