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July 23, 2017

Roman Reigns Superman Punch Wallpapers

Roman Reigns Superman Punch Wallpaper

Roman Reigns is one of those WWE Superstars who can set whole arena on fire with their mere presence in the ring. He is powerful wrestler who has some awesome moves under his belt. His signature move is “Superman Punch” which is one of the most popular moves in WWE.

It is really awesome to watch, when he run towards his opponent, jump into the air and smack a flying punch to the jaw of his opponent. What makes this move so special is that it is introduced by Roman Reigns and only he can perfume it with authority.  Roman Reigns comes from ‘Anoa’I’ family which is known as family of professional wrestlers.

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Here in this post we have designed some latest wallpapers of Roman Reigns in which he is finishing his opponents with Superman Punch.


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