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August 17, 2017

Randy Orton RKO Wallpapers

Randy Orton RKO

RKO is one of the most deadly and popular finishing moves in history of WWE. It is one of the most fascinating moments for Randy Orton fans, when he shows his intensity and aggression before performing RKO. Sometime he performs RKO from nowhere and stuns his opponents. The 12 time World Champion in WWE made all his success in WWE due to his fascinating finishing move.

Without RKO, Randy Orton is toothless as we seen in a title match between Randy Orton and Seth Rollins in 2015 where RKO was banned and Randy lost that match. Recently he came into lime light due to his rivalry with The Wyatt Family in WWE. He is also busy in Hollywood and working hard on his career as an actor.

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Randy Orton RKO Wallpaper

Here in this photo gallery we have designed some beautiful wallpapers of Randy Orton’s finishing move known as RKO.

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