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August 21, 2017

Neymar Wallpapers | World Cup 2014 Match vs Croatia

Neymar Wallpapers World Cup 2014 VS Croatia

Before start of World Cup 2014 Neymar said, “The pressure is really great. Wherever we play there is always pressure, but it is going to be even greater on home soil. We are aware of that, but we enjoy it. It is a good type of pressure. I have been fortunate enough to play in the finals of various championships and feeling that pressure to win is marvelous. We are ready for all of that, as it is something Brazilin players take in their stride”.

In the opening game of World Cup 2014, Neymar was the star of day who scored 2 goals and Brazil came from behind to secure 3-1 victory against Croatia. In this big match Neymar remained calm and without taking any pressure he stunned the opponent’s defence twice. This is good sign because he showed in the first match that he is determined to make history in his first World Cup.

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Neymar Photo Gallery

Here in this photo gallery of Neymar we have designed some HD Wallpapers of Neymar from his match against Croatia;

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