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August 21, 2017

Motorola Gleam Plus Review & Mobile Phone Pictures

Motorola Gleam Plus Review & First Look
Last year Motorola released its low-priced flip style mobile phone Motorola Gleam which is one of its most successful low priced cell phones. Moto is coming back again with next version of this successful mobile phone known as Motorola Gleam + or Motorola Gleam Plus. With improved design and some additional features, this cell phone will hit the market shelves in March 2012. Basically it is an entry level stylish and cheap cell phone which is design to attract those who want to spend less money on their cell phone but want innovative and stylish design.
Motorola Gleam Plus Features
There are some limited but necessary features in this mobile phone which includes HTML web browser, FM Radio with RDS, games, MP3 & MP4 players and organizer. There is internal memory of only 50MB but surprisingly you can attach mircoSD up to 16 GB with this cell phone. Although there is no WIFI in it (which makes it unacceptable according to some users) yet modern connectivity features like Bluetooth and USB are present in it. You can’t expect modern connectivity features like WIFI in this entry level cheap mobile phone because it is designed to fulfill only the basic needs of mobile phone users.
Motorola Gleam Plus Camera
It has simple 2MP camera without any flash light or any other additional feature. There is no secondary camera in it. With this camera you can only take below average photographs so if you want to have reasonable camera in your cell phone, this is not your cup of tea.
Motorola Gleam Plus Display & Design
As far as design is concerned, this mobile phone gives you different and innovative looks. It has 2.8 inch large TFT screen along with secondary external display with icons. There is not much difference between screens of original Motorola Gleam and this new phone as both have almost same display features.
This entry level mobile phone will be available in two basic colors i.e. white and sliver.
Motorola Gleam Plus Battery Timings
It is equipped with Standard Battery Li-Ion 750 mAh. This mobile phone has stand-by time of 417 hours and talk time of almost 5 hours.
Overall there is not much difference between the original Motorola Gleam and this latest version as far as the specs are concerned. The only major difference is of design, which makes this new mobile phone preferable over its predecessor. Price will play an important role in the success of failure of this mobile phone upon its release.
Motorola Gleam Plus Advantages

  • Cheap price
  • Innovative design
  • Good battery timing
  • MicroSD up to 16GB

Motorola Gleam Plus Problems/Disadvantages

  • Ordinary camera
  • No WIFI or other connectivity features
  • Low specs

Motorola Gleam Plus Pictures & Wallpapers

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