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August 23, 2017

Lowest Point in South America | Laguna Del Caron

Lowest point in South America
Laguna Del Caron is the lowest point in the continent of South America. It is salt lake situated in Santa Cruz Province of Argentina. At 105 meters below the sea level this lake is the not only the lowest point in Argentina and South American Continent but in the both Western and Southern Hemispheres.

Laguna Del Caron has total surface area of 9 km square with length of 5km and width of 2km.


Laguna Del Caron Facts

  • Lowest Point in South America
  • Lowest Place in Argentina
  • Lowest Place in Southern & Western Hemispheres
  • Surface Area: 9 km square
  • Width: 2 km
  • Length: 5 km

lowest point in south america

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