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August 17, 2017

Lowest Point in Europe | Caspian Sea

Lowest Point in Europe
Caspian Sea is not only the lowest point in continent of Europe but also largest enclosed inland body of water on the Earth. Due to its huge volume it is also classified as the World’s largest lake. Caspian Sea is located in Russia and Turkmenistan.

It is an endorheic basin, which means it has no outflows. Its primary inflows include Volga River, Ural River, Kura River and Terek River. With depth of 28 meters it is the lowest place in the Europe.


Caspian Sea Facts

  • Lake Type: Endorheic
  • Primary Inflows: Volga, Ural, Kura and Terek Rivers
  • Catchments Area: 3626000 km square
  • Situated: Russia, Turkmenistan
  • Deepest Point: 23 Meters

lowest point in europe

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