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July 23, 2017

Lowest Point in Australia | Lake Eyre

Lowest Point in Australia
Lake Eyre is the lowest point in Australia. It is the largest lake in Australia and depth of 15 meters makes it the lowest place in Australian Continent. It was named after Edward John Eyre, who was the first European who came to this area in 1840. Traditional name of this lake is “Kati Thanda” but now it is known as Lake Eyre. It has total surface area of 9500 km square.

Check out this picture of this amazing lake given below;


Lake Eyre Facts

  • Lowest Point in Australia
  • Surface Area: 9500 km square
  • Lake Type: Endorheic
  • Average Depth: 1.5 meter
  • Lowest Point: 15 meter

lowest point in australia

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