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August 21, 2017

Lowest Point in Asia | Dead Sea

Lowest Point in Asia
Dead Sea or Sea of Salt is not only the lowest point in continent of Asia but on the Earth. It is situated on the borders of Israel and Jordan. The surface and shores of Dead Sea are 423 meters or 1388 feet below sea level, which is the Earth’s lowest point on the land. Dead Sea is among the world’s saltiest bodies of water due to its 33.7 percent salinity.
This lake has total surface area of 810 km square and has mean depth of 118 meters. It has massive seawater density which makes swimming similar to floating.


Dead Sea Facts

  • Lake Type: Endorheic
  • Primary Inflow: Jordan River
  • Catchments Area: 42650 km square
  • Length: 67.4 km
  • Width: 18 km
  • Mean Depth: 118 meter
  • Deepest Point: 423 meters

lowest point in asia

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