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June 28, 2017

Lowest Point in Africa | Lake Assal

Lowest Point in Africa
Lake Assal is the lowest point in the continent of Africa. It is a crater lake situated in the central-eastern Djibouti. This saline lake lies 509 feet or 155 meter below the sea level which makes it deepest place in the Africa and third deepest place in the world after Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee. It is beautiful place and great attraction for the tourists all over the world.

Lake Assal is also world’s largest salt reserve with total catchments area of 900 km square.


Lake Assal Facts

  • Lake Type: Crater
  • Catchment Area: 900 km square
  • Situated: Djibouti
  • Average Depth: 24 feet
  • Maximum Depth: 130 feet
  • Lies below Sea level: 509 feet

lowest point in africa

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