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July 27, 2017

Jennie Finch Wallpapers & Profile | American Softball Player

Jennie Finch Profile
Although baseball is famous game but the game of softball is also getting popularity especially in USA. If there will be more beautiful women like Jennie Finch in the game of softball its popularity will raise really fast. Jennie Finch is former American softball player who pitched for the National US team. She was retired from the game in 2010. Many people believe that she is the best softball player in the history of game who won many championships, set many record and helped women softball to get into national spotlight. During her illustrious career she proved that she is not inferior to any major League Baseball Player.
Jennie Lynn Finch was born on 3 September 1980 in USA. She started to play softball when she only 5 years old and selected her position as pitcher she was only eight. During her college days in University of Arizona she played softball and there she was three-time All-American pitcher.
Her hot and sexy looks makes her prominent in women’s sports circles. But she has no time to be a party girl and also she doesn’t have an appetite for that. ESPN viewer voted for her as “the hottest female athlete of the year”. Famous magazine Play Boy offered her to pose but she refused stating that, “it is not me, and it is not what I represent”.
Jennie Finch Biography

  • Date of Birth: 3 September 1980
  • Place of Birth: USA
  • Full Name: Jennie Lynn Finch
  • Occupation: Softball Player

Jennie Finch Wallpapers
Here are some high quality wallpaper of hot and sexy Jennie Finch for year 2012.

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