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August 23, 2017

How to Spend Valentine’s Day | Unique Ways to Celebrate

Top ten ways to spend valentine day
“There is no remedy of love but to love more”
Though everyday is made to love yet this day needs your special attention to express your deepest feelings in a different way. You can do a dinner, or buy flowers or chocolates for your special one, but in this year you are going to celebrate this valentine in as different way as different your special one is. No matter you are newly married, have kids, new in a relationship or single, you can spend this way in a remarkable way. Followings are some unique ways to spend your Valentin’s Day. Here you can learn how to spend Valentine’s Days 2012 with your family, friends, kids, lovers and single.

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1.    Better to give surprise
Pleasant surprises keep a very importance place in our life especially when they are being generated by our special ones. This valentine you must try to give surprise to that lucky person.
2.    Learn to sing and dance
This valentine you are going to sing and dance for your love bud. Your few gazes into his/her eyes while dancing will make him/her to know the intensity of your love. Moreover if you are singing for your love bud, will make him/her to experience heaven (no matters how bad you sing)
3.    Go for picnic
Everybody in this world is busy in earning bread and butter or career orientation. This day brings smiles and relief for lovers and provides an opportunity to them to spend their day according to themselves. On this valentine you are taking to the most romantic place. Moreover you can take your partner to his/her favorite place.
4.    Arrange a romantic party.
You can also arrange surprise party for your partner. The place can be decorated with heart balloons candles flowers. You can also arrange party lights to give it lively touch. Moreover any musical group can be called or back ground music can be arranged. You can also use party bombs, bubble bombs to add fun in it. Choice is yours.
5.    Plan to watch movie
This valentine you are going to watch movie with your partner according to his/her taste. But don’t forget to add a pinch of love in it.
6.    Cook or bake something special
Though every thing in readymade form is available in market yet this valentine you are going to put your efforts to make your love bud happy. Cook his favorite food or bake special desert with romantic lines and lovely garnishing on it.
7.    Listen each other’s heart
While spending remarkable time with each other, don’t forget to understand each other. This time is not only to enjoy yourself but to analyze each other. Discuss your problems, share your feelings and make promises.
8.    New style to give gift
Forget the old style of presenting gift. Now you can play treasure hunt or any other game according to yours partner taste. This will add fun in your whole day and you will discover a new and unique style, to be remembered always.
9.    Gift of love
You must be looking something truly unique. First, consider the choice of your partner. Additionally you can go for antique jewelry, beautiful dress, branded tie, upper, cosmetic stuff, perfume etc, any thing according to your budget and his/her choice. Don’t forget that your gift must be as unique as your partner is.
10.    Create your own world
If you don’t want to head to a restaurant, party or picnic for Valentine’s Day, there are certain tips to glare your Valentine’s Day.
•    If you have kids, it would be difficult to find a baby sitter for a specific day. So just wait till they sleep and you spend your Valentine’s Day at your home by liting up candles, dancing on the floor, playing romantic games and presenting gifts to each other.
•    If you are new in a relationship, you can go for gifts party, surprises, and cards.
•    If you are single, you can spend valentine day with your family or friends. You can read books, play games, go for shopping and do hoteling.
Enjoy yourself your Valentine’s Day.

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