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July 23, 2017

Honda Bikes Prices 2016 in Pakistan

Honda Bike Prices 2016

Honda is the largest Bike manufacturing company of Pakistan. Atlas Honda Limited (AHL) is known for its durable two wheel machines. All Motorcycles of this company are known for their performance, reliability and economical prices. Honda has four different bikes in local Pakistani bike market. Honda CD-70 is their most famous and successful bike. This most popular bike of Pakistan is flagship product of Atlas Honda Limited. Other bikes of Honda in Pakistan include CD-100 Euro, CG-125, CD Dream, CG Dream, Prider and CG-125 Deluxe. In the start of year 2016 Atlas Honda Limited increased the prices of their bikes.

Honda CD 70 is one of the most successful motorcycles in the country. Due to its popularity, company reduced its price as today CD 70 costs Rs. 63500 while it costs Rs. 67000 in 2012. Prices of all other motorcycles of Honda Atlas increased over time which includes Honda CG 125 which is also another successful bike in Pakistan. Overall Honda is known for making high quality bikes and holds major portion of bike market in Pakistan in spite of the fact that market is full of cheap Chinese motorbikes.

Followings are the up to date latest prices of all Honda Motorcycles in Pakistan;

Honda CD New
New Honda Bike Prices 2012 in Pakistan (Prices are updated on 1 January 2016)

  • Honda CD-70 price in Pakistan: Rs. 63500 (Rs.67,000 in 2012)
  • Honda CD-100 Prider price in Pakistan: Rs. 86000 (Rs.79,000 in 2012)
  • Honda CG-125 price in Pakistan: Rs. 103900 (Rs. 95,000 in 2012)
  • Honda CG-125 Deluxe price in Pakistan: Rs. 124000  (Rs.115,000 in 2012)
  • Honda CG Dream price in Pakistan: Rs. 105900
  • Honda CD-70 Dream price in Pakistan: Rs. 67500


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