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June 28, 2017

Highest Temperature in South America | Rivadavia, Argentina

Highest Temperature in South America
Rivadavia is the town in eastern Salta Province, Argentina which is the hottest place in continent of South America. The highest temperature of 48.9 C was recorded on 11 December 1905, which is the highest recorded temperature in South America.

Rivadavia has a semi-arid climate and lies in low-laying region of province Salta. Temperature extremes can be very high in the summer session especially in early summer. This is small town with population of 8108 but popular for the above mentioned record.


Rivadavia Hottest Place in South America

  • Population: 8108
  • Highest Temperature in South America: 48.9 C
  • Situated in: Argentina

hottest place in south america

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