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August 21, 2017

Highest Mountain in Europe | Mount Elbrus

Highest Mountain in Europe
Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in the continent of Europe. It is located in Russia, near the border of Georgia and also known as “the happiness mountain”. This highest summit in Europe is basically a dormant volcano located in western Caucasus mountain range. Total height/elevation of Mount Everest is 5642 meters or 18510 feet.

Khillar Khachirov was the first climber who reached at the top of this mountain on 22 July 1829.


Mount Elbrus Facts

  • Elevation/Height: 5642 meters or 18510 feet
  • First Ascender: Khillar Khachirov
  • First Ascended: 1829
  • Situated: Russia
  • Mountain Range: Caucuses

highest mountain in europe

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