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June 28, 2017

Highest Mountain in Asia | Mount Everest

Highest Mountain in Asia
Mount Everest is not only the highest mountain in Asia but also in the World. This highest point in Asia has total elevation of 8850 meters or 29035 feet. It is situated in Mahalangur section of Himalayas Mountain Range on the border of Nepal and China. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay are the first climbers who reached at the summit of Mount Everest in 1953. It is seen as the source of spirituality in local area.
In the picture of Mount Everest given below you can see this majestic mountain from Everest Base Camp.


Mount Everest Facts

  • Elevation/Height: 29035 feet/ 8850 meters
  • First Ascender: Edmund Hillary
  • First Ascended: 1953
  • Situated in: Nepal-China
  • Mountain Range: Himalayas

highet mountain in asia

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