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August 19, 2017

Helicopter History Timeline

Helicopter History Timeline/ Helicopter Evolution

Here in the following lines you can read some interesting historical facts about the helicopters. Check out the evolution of modern day helicopter in the following lines. Check out some of the best, worst and just plain weird choppers ever designed;


Aerial screw Leonardo da Vinci sketches out what he refers to as an ‘aerial screw’ in his notebook. It is never built however.


Cornu helicopter French bicycle-maker Paul Cornu builds an experimental helicopter. It makes a number of short hops off the ground.


Oehmichen No 2 Étienne Oehmichen sets the first recognized helicopter world record by flying his design 360m (1,181ft).


Sikorsky R-4 Igor Sikorsky builds the first ever mass produced helicopter, the R-4, with 131 units made over a two-year period.

Helicopter History Timeline sketch


Sikorsky S-61 The S-61 betrays Sikorsky’s heritage as a helicopter maker as it is marred by high mortality rate accidents.


Hughes YOH-6A The YOH-6A sets a new world record for distance traveled without landing.


Aerospatiale Lama French aviator Jean Boulet pilots an Aerospatiale Lama to a height of 12,442m (40,820ft), setting a still unbroken record.


Westland Lynx English pilot John Egginton sets the first official helicopter speed record of 400km/h (249mph) in a Westland Lynx.


Eurocopter Tiger The Eurocopter Tiger becomes the first all composite helicopter to be developed in Europe, incorporating a glass cockpit.


E-copter French Australian Inventor Pascal Chrétien builds the world’s first manned, fully electric helicopter.

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