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August 21, 2017

Erik Rowan Wallpapers & Profile | Monster of Wyatt Family

Erick Rowan

This 6.8 feet tall monster is perfectly represent the “Wyatt Family” which brought their macabre vision to the WWE Universe. Rowan displayed such animalistic tendencies during his attacks on opponents that made “Wyatt Family” a real horror for other superstars.
Joseph Ruud (real name of Erick Rowan) was born on 28 November 1981 in Minneapolis Minnesota USA. Before his contract with WWE, Ruud competed in several independent circuit matches in USA and Japan. In 2011 he signed contract with WWE and made his debut in 2012 as follower of Bray Wyatt. With his massive height and built he can perform powerful movies. His finishing movies are “Greetings From the North (Chokeslam) and Running Splash.

Erick Rowan Profile

  • Real Name: Joseph Ruud
  • Ring Name: Thoruf Maruis, Erick Rowan
  • Date of Birth: 28 November 1981
  • Place of Birth: Minneapolis USA
  • Height: 6.8 feet
  • Debut: 2003
  • Finishing Move: Chock Slam

Joseph Ruud Wallpapers

In the following pictures gallery we have designed some latest wallpapers of this monster;

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