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August 17, 2017

Dell Latitude XT3 Tablet PC is Combination of, PC & Tablet

Dell Latitude XT3 Tablet PC
This wonderful machine is combination of tablet and laptop. With its rotating LED touch-screen it can be used either as tablet or PC. Dell Latitude XT3 is perfect blend of style and durability. Although its price is high yet it is justified when you compare it with the features of this gadget. Dell Latitude XT3 is an outstanding performer that fits right in due to long-haul durability and efficient manageability. With this machine in your possession there is no need of separate tablet, laptop and PC.

Check out its amazing design in following pictures;

Dell Latitude XT3 Tablet  picture

Dell Latitude XT3 Tablet

Dell Latitude XT3 Tablet Features

  • This laptop has 13.3 inch large LED touch-screen. Screen resolution is 1366*768.
  • It is equipped with Intel Core i7 2.80GHz processor with 4GB RAM and 4MB processor cache. RAM Is DDR3 type.
  • Connectivity features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Webcam, 3 USB ports and HDMI port are part of this machine.
  • Fingerprint reader is also present in this laptop.

Dell XT3 Tablet PC price in Pakistan: 133,999 Rs.

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