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July 23, 2017

Top Ten Beaches of the World

Top Ten Beaches of the World

Summer vacations are colorless without beaches. For most of the people summer vacation means a perfect beach. But beach does not mean only combination of waves and sands. A perfect beach must have clear water and high quality sand. There are many other factors which make any beach best for your vacations i.e. swimmable water, clear water, scenic beauty, safety and best value for your money.
While keeping in mind all the above mentioned factors we prepare a list of top ten beaches of the world. These below mentioned beaches are best and most beautiful in the world due to different factors. If you think your favorite beach is not part of our list, please write to us.

Most Beautiful Beach of World
1.    Bondi Beach , Australia : This beautiful beach is located in Whitsunday Island , Sydney . Due to to its ‘sea-and-be-scene’ atmosphere it is one of the most beautiful beaches of the world.
2.    Maldives : This country is known for its wonderful resorts and mind-blowing beaches.
3.    Lanikal Beach Hawaii : Full of sparkling sand, palm trees and lush tropical plants, this beach is one of the most attractive in the world.
4.    Fiji Islands : These white sand beaches are known for their natural beauty and friendly environment.
5.    Fraser Island , Australia : It is the world’s largest sand island. Total area of this wonderful island is 640 square miles and this island is known as world heritage site.
6.    Petit St. Vincent, The Grenadine: Caribbean Islands are most attractive tourist destinations of the world. This beautiful beach along with its five star resorts is among the best beaches in the world.
7.    Langkawi , Malaysia : This scenic island has fascinating history and heart throbbing beauty. Langkawi is local word which means ‘the land of the one’s wishes’, historically pirates used this island as their hideout.
8.    South Beach , Miami : Miami is known for many other reasons but its beaches are also famous in the world. Although the water is Atlantic but it is so clear that it looks like Caribbean . You can find every other luxury of the world in this part of world.
9.    Canary Islands, Spain : These beaches are just off the African coasts but part of Spain and very attractive tourist spot for Europeans in summer.
10.    Playa Del Carmen, Mexico : It is situated 40 miles south of Cancun and also known as Playa. Color of sand is like powdered sugar and water is crystal clear which makes is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Top Ten Universities of the World for 2011/12

Universities play a vital role in the education sector in the modern world. Following are the top ten universities of the world for year 2011/2012. In the top ten best universities of the world, there are 6 universities of USA and four of UK. This shows why USA is a super power and possesses the most advance nation of the world. Prominence in the field of education implies prominence in all other fields. Various factors, academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty to student ratio and number of international students, give surge to the status of university in international arena. Followings are the top ten universities of the world;

University of Cambridge
1.    University of Cambridge is the best university in the world. It is situated in United Kingdom. Two most important factors which make it top in the world are its academic reputation and employer reputation. In these two above fields Cambridge University has no match.
2.    Harvard University is at number two in the list of top ten universities of the world. It is situated in USA and the most impressive things about this university are its academic reputation, employer reputation and citation per faculty. In the field of international faculty the score of Harvard is low i.e. 76.9.
3.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT is in USA and it is the third best university in the world. In the field of academic reputation and employer reputation this institute scores 100 out of 100 but due to lack of international faculty it scores only 50 in that field.
4.    Yale University of USA is the fourth best higher education institute of the world. In academic reputation, employer reputation and faculty student ratio this university is 100 percent but there is lack of international students in this university.
5.    University of Oxford is historical and one of the most famous in the world. But it is on number five in this list of top ten universities of the world.
6.    Imperial College of London is another UK based university which is at number six in this list.
7.    UCL (University College London) is situated in UK . Best things about this institution are its academic reputation and high number of international students.
8.    University of Chicago is situated in USA and this year it is on number eight in this list of top ten universities of the world.
9.    University of Pennsylvania which is also known as UPenn is at number nine in this list. It is also situated in USA.
10.    Columbia University of USA is at number ten in this list.

Top Ten Best Fast Food Restaurant Chains

Top Ten Best Fast Food Restaurant Chains

Fast food is that food which can be prepared and served in shorter time. Fast food restaurants can be also called as “quick service restaurants”. McDonald is present in 126 countries, Burger King is located in more than 65 countries, KFC is present in 25 countries, Subway is located in 90 countries, Pizza Hut is present in 97 countries and Taco Bell is located in 14 countries. Here is the list of top ten best fast food restaurant chains:


1. McDonald’s
Industry                    Restaurants
Products                    Fast food
(hamburgers • chicken • French fries • soft drinks • coffee •                   milkshakes • salads • desserts • breakfast)

2. Burger King
Industry                    Restaurants
Products                    Fast Food
(hamburgers • chicken • French fries • soft drinks • milkshakes • salads • desserts • breakfast)

3. Taco Bell
Industry                       Fast Food
Products                      Tacos, burritos, and other Tex-Mex cuisine-related fast food

4. Subway
Industry                       Restaurants
Genre                           Fast food
Products                       Subs, Salads, Pizzas, other food products

5. KFC
Industry                        Restaurants
Products                        Fried chicken, grilled chicken, related Southern foods

6. Wendy’s
Industry                         Restaurant
Products                         Hamburgers, Chicken sandwiches, Salads, Breakfast sandwiches, Frozen desserts

7. Pizza Hut
Industry                       Restaurants
Products                       Italian-American cuisine, pizza • pasta • desserts

8. Arby’s
Industry                            Restaurants
Products                           Fast food, Sandwiches (roast beef • chicken) • milkshakes • salads • French fries

9.  Chick-Fil-A
Industry                              Restaurants
Products                          Sandwiches, chicken entrées

10. Dairy Queen
Industry                                     Restaurants
Genre                                        Fast food
Products                                       Soft serve • Fast Food (ice cream • milkshakes • sundaes • hamburgers • hot dogs • chicken • French fries • soft drinks • salads • breakfast)