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August 17, 2017

Honda CR V 2012 Price in Pakistan | Review & Wallpapers

Honda CR V 2012 Review and Price in Pakistan

This modern and executive SUV will open a new world of great pleasure because of its elevated outlook and premium driving refinement. In local Pakistan auto market New Honda CRV 2012 is one of those vehicles which one can only dream because of its very high price. Powerful engine and other modern features give the owner an ultimate driving experience. It has light yet solid monocoque body which ensures stability, driving pleasure and riding comfort. Another stunning feature which makes it prominent among its competitors is its real time 4WD which can conquer any type of terrain.

Honda CR V 2012 Interior & Exterior

This rugged and refined cockpit of New CR-V is product of excellence. Some of main features of this stunning interior include cruise controller, LCD panel, audio control on steering, sunroof, poser seats and glove box. In this vehicle you can share the sedan-style SUV quietness. Classy and elegant exterior has no match on the road. Foldable seats allow you to increase and decrease the luggage space according to your needs.
Some other important features or equipments of New Honda CR-V 2012 are center console with two cupholders, AUX port extra connection for external audio, Handy sunglass box, Map light including ambient blue LED lighting, Conversation mirror, large rear armrest with cupholders and luggage area accessory socket for outdoor needs.

Honda CR V 2012 Engine & Performance

It equipped with powerful 2.4 and 2.0 liter i-VTEC engine with 4WD capability. It is massive 2354cc, 4 stroke, in-line 4 cylinder engine with DPS electronically controlled transmission system. Its Euro-4 emission standard makes it clean and environment friendly vehicle.

Honda CR-V 2012 Safety Features

This new vehicle supplies advanced ‘active safety’ in basic performance assisted by ABS and VSA. Its G-Force control technology provides high quality passive safety. Feature of Keyless entry with immobilizer and security alarm guard against unauthorized use of the vehicle.
Honda CR-V price in Pakistan: Rs.5,764,000

Honda CR-V Pictures & Wallpapers

Toyota Camry 2012 Review, Pictures & Price in Pakistan

Toyota Camry 2012 Review in Pakistan

The official tagline for this super luxury car is “meet the elite”, which is true reflection of this stunning vehicle. This majestic car is available in five attractive colors in local Pakistani Auto market. There is only one model or variant of car available in the market with option of automatic transmission and manual transmission. The price tag of this machine is so big that only few can afford it (it almost costs you 8 million rupees).

Toyota Camry 2012 Interior & Exterior

Sleek, strong and eye-catching design makes it unique on the road. Its bold flowing lines hint at the superb aerodynamics which provides you the experience as if the world is at your feet. Every corner of this luxury sedan car is worth mentioning. Interior of Camry is adorned with luxury leather seats and other expensive material. Latest steering wheel with all main controls on it along with modern audio system, powerful AC, cruise control switch and power seats makes it complete luxurious interior.

Toyota Camry 2012 Features

Quality meets convenience with delightful range of storage spaces. Its trunk offer ample space for storing luggage. Other storage features include accessory box behind shift, front console side pocket, cup holder, seat back packets, front door pockets, overhead consol and consol box.

Toyota Camry 2012 Safety

The vehicle is full of active as well as passive security features. 6 SRS airbags not only provide safety to driver but also to the passengers. Body of car is designed in a way which saves the person during crash. Features like ABS with EBD brake system and brake assist makes it more secure for you. It sets new standard of safety with innovative features to help avoid accident and minimize the damage in case of impact.

Toyota Camry 2012 Performance & Engine

It is equipped with powerful 2AZ-FE, 4 cylinder, 16 valve DOHC with VVT-I, 2362cc engine. Option of Automatic as well as manual transmission system is available with this car. Uphill/downhill shift control helps to ensure performance and fuel efficiency during uphill or downhill travel. Other amazing features include alloy Rims, modern suspension system, engine under cover and 5 super ECT.

New Toyota Camry 2012 price in Pakistan

  • Price of Toyota Camry Automatic: Rs.7,999,000
  • Price of Toyota Camry Manual: Rs.7,799,000

New Toyota Camry Wallpapers & Pictures

Coure 2012 Review, Pictures & Price in Pakistan

New Daihatsu Coure 2012 Review in Pakistan

This compact hatchback car is climbing rapidly on success ladder in local Pakistani Auto market due to its reliability and performance. Although price of Toyota Coure is high but it is justified because of overall high prices of cars in the market. Basically this vehicle is from Daihatsu Coure (a well known Japanese auto manufacturing company) but in Pakistan Toyota is responsible for its sale and distribution. Some people wrongly named it as Toyota Coure but actually it is Daihatsu Coure. It is available in four different models in the market i.e. Coure CX, Coure CX CNG, Coure CX A/T and Coure Ecomatic.

Coure 2012 Interior & Exterior

Stylish exterior of Daihatsu Coure is product of superior Japanese technology which is designed with the need of drivers in mind. It looks different and stylish than other hatchback cars in the market. Interior of Coure is spacious and comfortable. Although it looks congested and small yet actually passengers feel more comfortable inside it. Its advance suspension promises smooth ride and ultimate driving experience. AC of Coure is simply outstanding because it is designed while keeping in mind the hot summers of Pakistan.

New Cuore 2012 Performance & Engine

This car is equipped with powerful 847cc, OHC, 3 cylinder engines along with 5 speed manual transmission system with provides raw power and control for the matchless acceleration and performance. One very important aspect of any small hatchback car is its fuel economy and New Toyota Coure 2012 is best in it because it gives you perfect mileage due to its fuel efficient engine.

Cuore 2012 Safety Features

Available in six attractive colors, new Coure 2012 ensure maximum safety for the passengers. Its advanced structural design and side impact bars protect you from side collision. There are 3P ELR front seat belts in Coure. Factory fitted CNG kit also ensures complete safety and ease of mind to driver. These kits are prepared after complete testing and verification from Daihatsu Motors Japan.

New Coure 2012 Latest Prices in Pakistan

  • Cuore CX price: Rs.824,000
  • Coure CX CNG price: Rs.874,000
  • Cuore CX A/T price: Rs.865,000
  • Coure ECOMATIC price: Rs.935,000

Now New Coure is not available in local market and only used cars are available in the market.

New Coure Wallpapers and Picturs

Toyota Corolla Altis 2012 Review & Price in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla Altis 2012 Review in Pakistan

This smart four door machine is one of the most popular sedan cars in the local Pakistani auto market which is also known as ‘Toyota Corolla Atlis 1.6L’. It features the latest and most innovative technology which focuses on improving driving efficiency and fuel economy. One of the best things about this new car is its dual VVT-I ZR engine which ensure 12% better fuel efficiency and first time it is introduced into Pakistan by any car manufacturing company. In 2003 company introduced Corolla GLi and now they are introducing GLi Automatic with 1.6 Dual VVT-I Engine and Eco-lamp.

New Toyota Corolla Atlis Interior & Exterior

This elegant car has impressive exterior which is crafted after much thought and hard work. Sleek head lamps, dynamic front grille, retractable side view mirrors, latest alloy Rims, crystal tail lights and side skirts are some prominent features of its elegant exterior. Other notable features include anti-jam auto stop power windows, stylish rear garnish, sleek rear reflectors and rain sensors.
Interior of New Corolla Atlis is also product of excellence. New dark grey upper interior with wood grain finish , 4-spoke steering with cruise control, SRS air bag, tilt & telescopic power steering, portable leather interior and new backlit optitron with ECO-meter are some worth-mentioning features of its haughty interior.

New Toyota Corolla Atlis Engine & Performance

It is blessed with powerful 1600cc, 1 ZR-FE engine which ensure amazing fuel efficiency due to EFi Dual WTi fuel system. 6-speed manual transmission not only improves the performance of this car but also provides excellent driving experience. Presence of revolutionary duel VVT-I ZR guarantees 12% more fuel efficiency in this car.

Toyota Corolla Atlis Safety Features

Available in seven attractive colors this car is full of modern safety features. SRS air bag, GOA body structure, fuel cut system and Whiplash injury lessening concept seats are some modern safety features which are present in this new car. Almost all type of warning tones like key reminder warning, light on warning and reverse gear warning also increases the overall worth of this modern vehicle.

Toyota Corolla Atlis Latest Prices in Pakistan

  • 1.6 Corolla GLI A/T Price: Rs.1,769,000
  • 1.6 Corolla Altis M/T price: Rs.1,839,000
  • 1.6 Corolla Altis M/T SR price: Rs.1,929,000
  • 1.6 Corolla Altis A/T price: Rs.1,929,000
  • 1.6 Corolla Altis A/T SR price: Rs.2,019,000
  • Toyota Corolla 2.0D price: Rs.1,604,000
  • Toyota Corolla 2.0D SN price: Rs.1,809,000
  • Toyota Corolla 2.0D SN SR price: Rs.1,914,000

Note: All prices are updated on 6 March 2012.


Toyota Corolla Atlis Wallpapers & Pictures

Toyota Corolla 2013 XLi & GLi Review & Price in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla 2013 Review in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla is the most favorite sedan car in Pakistan . This is not only the official tagline of company but also a reality that this luxury sedan car outpaced all its rivals in the market. This four door sedan car is available in two different variants or models which are Corolla XLi and Corolla GLi. What makes this car most popular and most favorite sedan car in Pakistan ? It is designed according to the needs of people and according to the local conditions which make it distinguished among its competitors. Another advantage of having this car is its ‘best resale value’ which allows you to sell your car in the market in no time and at very good rate.
Since its introduction into the market in 1966, Toyota Corolla is among the best selling cars in the world. This year new model of Corolla 2012 also coming with enhanced features and capabilities.

New Toyota Corolla 2013 Interior & Exterior

The new model made up of more sporty, elegant and dynamic design. Exterior features like extended rear garnish, dynamic front grill, sleek front head lamps, rear bumper with stylish reflector and crystal rear tail lights increases its elegance and worth. Interior of new Corolla 2012 is also expertly adorned with elegant dark grey upper interior and other latest features.

Difference between new Corolla GLi 2013 and Xli 2013

The basic different between new Corolla Xli 2012 and Corolla GLi 2012 is the degree of automation because GLi 2012 has more automation features than Xli. New Corolla GLi 2012 is equipped with ABS (Antilock Braking System with Electronic Brake Force distribution and Brake Assist) which is not present in Xli. Interior of new GLi 2012 is enhanced and superior than Xli interior due to presence of Central Door Locking, Power windows and rear seat armrest with cupholders. There are two speakers in new Corolla Xli 2012 but GLi 2012 equipped with four speakers.

New Corolla 2013 Performance & Engine

Engine type this new car is 2 NZ-FE. It is powerful 1300cc engine with EFI with VVTi fuel system which ensures good fuel economy. There is 5 speed manual transmission system along with McPherson Strut suspension system in this sedan. Latest safety features also makes Corolla 2012 a complete secure car.

Latest prices of New Toyota Corolla 2013 models in Pakistan

New Corolla Xli 2013 price in Pakistan : Rs.1,568,000
New Corolla GLi 2013 1.3L price in Pakistan : Rs.1,704,000

New Corolla 2013 Wallpapers & Pictures

Honda Civic 2012 Review & Price in Pakistan

Honda Civic 2012 Review

Honda is leading car manufacturing company and they always design new cars according to needs of customers. Honda delivers its best while seeking answers of questions like, what drives you crazy? What makes you excited? And what encourage you to spend your hard earned money on expensive vehicle. The new Honda Civic 2012 is another mind-blowing product from the legendary stable of Honda.
New Honda Civic 2012 is a dream of every vehicle lovers in Pakistan because of its sporty looks mind-blowing performance. In local Pakistan Auto market New Honda Civic 2012 is available in following model i.e. VTi Oriel and i-VTEC. Option of both manual as well as automatic transmission is available with both models of Honda Civic 2012.

New Honda Civic 2012 Interior & Exterior

Interior of this luxury vehicle is full of surprises and features. Ample cabin space and comfortable seats provides extra comfort not only to the driver but to other passengers. Latest sound system and other modern features will surely increase your excitement. Other prominent features of interior include dual map lights, console pocket, large-capacity glove box and storage space along with seats. Exterior of Honda Civic 2012 is also elegant and it can attract anybody’s attention on the road. With this vehicle under your control, you will be in spotlight whereever you go.

Honda Civic 2012 Performance & Engine

This car is equipped with latest water-cooled in line 4 cylinder 1800cc engine. Engine block is of aluminum alloy with direct ignition system with immobilizer. It provides good fuel economy due to multi-point fuel injection fuel supply system. This 16 Valve SOHC i-VTEC engine will give you sense of rising expectations and thrill of high performance.

Honda Civic 2012 Safety Features

This car is full of not only passive but also active safety systems. Its advance active safeguards provide maximum safety. G-Con or G-Force protection is best in the world and present in this car. SRS airbags ensures safety during accidents. Another stunning factor about this it is very clean due to i-VTEC technology. This is a perfect balance of energetic performance, fuel efficiency and clean operation.

Honda Civic 2012 price in Pakistan

  • Honda Civic VTi Oriel Manual Transmission price in Pakistan: Pak Rs.1970,000
  • Honda Civic VTi Oriel Prosmatec Transmission price in Pakistan: Pak Rs. 2048,000
  • Honda Civic I-VTEC Manual Transmission price in Pakistan: Pak Rs. 1778,000
  • Honda Civic i-VTEC Prosmatec Transmission price in Pakistan: Pak Rs. 1898,000


Honda Civic 2012 Wallpapers & Pictures

Toyota Corolla Ecotec 2012 Review & Price in Pakistan

New Toyota Corolla Ecotec 2012 Review in Pakistan

Toyota Indus is joint venture which is responsible for assembling, progressive manufacturing and marketing of Toyota vehicles in Pakistan. Now they are introducing brand new Toyota Corolla 2012 in the market which is officially known as ‘Corolla Ecotec 2012’. New Corolla Ecotec is the first Toyota Corolla Vehicle which has factory fitted CNG system with safety and performance according to the standards of Toyota. Toyota Motors specially approved and designed this vehicle for local Pakistani auto market due to high demand of factory fitted CNG.
New Toyota Corolla Ecotec is available in two different models i.e. Corolla Ecotec XLi and GLi. GLi automatic 2012 is the premium model of this car which comes in factory fitted CNG and fully automatic features.

New Toyota Corolla Ecotec 2012 Features

This new car has some unique features which revolve around its factory fitted CNG system. Gas Tanks are beautifully designed along with Gap Tank Protector and other features like Automatic Solenodial Valve, Refill Valve, Sequential Injection System and Engine Cylinder Head. Gas Tank capacity of new Corolla Ecotec is 60 liters.

Toyota Corolla Ecotec 2012 pic
New Toyota Ecotec Safety
There is especially designed rubber shield to protect fuel or other liquid from entering luggage compartment. Expertly designed gas tank built in with support to avoid gas tank shaking and leakage. There is gas tank protector which only provides good shape to the tank but also provides maximum safety.
New Toyota Ecotec 2012 Performance
It provides amazing fuel economy due to sequential injection system which provides optimum vehicle performance. High pressure tube and ample capacity of cylinder also makes it more useful and reliable. All other standard features which are part of Toyota Corolla are present in this new vehicle.
Overall new Corolla GLi automatic 2012 is an amazing car with systems like Dual VVTi fuel system, ABS (Anti-Lock Breaking System) and Elegant Dark Grey Upper Interior.
Toyota Corolla 2012 Ecotec Price in Pakistan

  • Corolla Xli Ecotec price in Pakistan: Rs.1,569,000
  • Corolla GLi Ecotec price in Pakistan: Rs.1,699,000

Honda City 2012 Review & Price in Pakistan

Honda City 2012 Review

This new compact sedan looks like an arrow with striking good looks and cutting-edge design. Sleek styling and strong performance combines with excellent driving experience to produce Honda City 2012. Honda has legendary heritage and new Honda City 2012 is another proof of this fact that Honda is among top companies in the world when it comes to innovation and technology. It is available in tow models in local Pakistani auto market i.e. manual and automatic transmission.

Honda City 2012 Engine, Performance & Mileage

It comes with latest water-cooled 4 cycles, L4 cylinder gasoline, 1300cc engine. Electronic fuel injection system provides excellent fuel economy. A convenient information display provides useful date on current and average fuel efficiency and estimated travel distance before refueling. EURO 4 standard makes is extremely environment friendly vehicle.

New Honda City 2012 Interior & Exterior

This car has elegant exterior which can hypnotize you due to its innovative styling and universal appeal. There is plenty of space in the trunk.
Its inner space styled to surround you with comfort and luxury. From the instrument panel to the doors, interior of Honda City 2012 is smoothly structured and softly covered. It has stat-of-the-art triple meter cluster for precious performance and information. Some other interesting features of its interior include cup holder for drive and rear, seatback pockets, sun visor with vanity mirror, footrest and room mirror with day/night switch.

Honda City 2012 Performance & Safety

This vehicle inspires confidence in all-round protection. Active safety features include ABS and brake assist system. Passive safety features includes G-Force Control technology, crash compatible design and front 3-point ELR seat belts. Honda’s philosophy about safety of its passenger is simple i.e. to make no compromise of it.

Honda City 2012 price in Pakistan

  • Manual transmission: Rs.1389,000
  • Automatic transmission: Rs.1530,000

Honda City 2012 Advantages

  • Fully automatic
  • Comfortable & Luxurious
  • Fuel efficient

Honda City 2012 Problems/Drawbacks

  • High price
  • No company fitted CNG

Honda City 2012 Pictures & Wallpapers

Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2012 Review, Specs & Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Ravi Review

There is not much competition in commercial vehicle segment of local Pakistani auto market. New Suzuki Ravi is your true business partner due to its reliability and performance. New Ravi comes with factory fitted Italian CNG cylinder Kit. This cylinder is conveniently placed under the deck without compromising cargo space. Although total cargo load capacity of this vehicle is 600 kg yet it is capable of carrying more than that. Without any doubt Suzuki Ravi is the most successful commercial vehicle in Pakistan (Recently Hyuandai Shehzore emerge as furious competitor of Ravi in Pakistan)

New Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2012 Performance & Engine

It equipped with four-stroke, water-cooled, OHC, 3 cylinder engine. It provides excellent mileage due to its fuel efficient engine. Total fuel tank capacity is 36 Liter and there are two CNG cylinders (20 Liter each) with total capacity of 40 Liters. It is blessed with improved strut & Leaf spring suspension system.

Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2012 Interior & Exterior

As it is a commercial vehicle hence there is nothing elegant or fascinating about its exterior or interior. It has strong frame and new Ravi comes with modified headlights. Fog lamps are also part of its impressive exterior. Only two persons can sit inside this vehicle.

Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2012 Features & Colours

New model of Suzuki Ravi comes in three different colors i.e. white, silver and red. There is nothing to tell about its other features because it is basically a cargo vehicle with only one purpose and that is to provide maximum cargo space and loading power. It comes in two models i.e. Ravi VX and Ravi VX CNG.

Suzuki Ravi price in Pakistan (23 April 2016)

  • Ravi VX: Rs.672,000

Suzuki Ravi 2012 Advantages

  • Low price
  • Good mileage
  • Low maintenance costs
  • More cargo space
  • Best for commercial use

Suzuki Ravi 2012 Disadvantages

  • Ordinary shape
  • Only 2 passenger capacity
  • Uncomfortable interior

Suzuki Ravi Pickup 2012 Specs/Specifications

Suzuki Ravi 2012 Specifications
Suzuki Ravi 2012 Pictures & Wallpapers

Suzuki Bolan Review & Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Bolan Review

This useful MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) has good sales history in local Pakistan auto market. This vehicle is smart family choice due to its ample passenger capacity. New model of this van equipped with Italian CNG kit with optimized cylinder capacity. Its competitive price and low maintenance costs make it suitable for middle class people. This vehicle comes in four different models i.e. Bolan VX, Bolan VXR, Bolan VX CNG and Bolan VXR CNG.
Suzuki Bolan Performance & Engine
It is blessed with four-stroke cycle, water-cooled, OHC, 800cc engine which is fuel efficient. It provides very good mileage due to its efficient engine. Total fuel tank capacity of Suzuki Bolan 2012 is 36 liter and Gas Cylinder capacity is 55 Liters. The vehicle is not suitable for long drive but perfect for busy urban roads. In local Pakistan auto market this MPV is widely used as commercial vehicle.
Suzuki Bolan Interior & Exterior
This vehicle has very ordinary exterior and design. Its box shape design is outdated and one of its major drawback. Another drawback of Suzuki Bolan 2012 is that seats are not comfortable. There is passenger capacity of 8 persons in it. You can fold its seats hence it provides lot of space for cargo. Interior is spacious but not luxurious.
Suzuki Bolan Features & Colours
New Suzuki Bolan 2012 comes in three different colors i.e. white, silver and pearl red. Strut and leaf spring suspension system provides it some strength and comfort. Overall this low-priced MPV is useful, especially suitable for large families.
Suzuki Bolan price in Pakistan (Up to date on 23 April 2017)

  • Suzuki Bolan price in pakistan: Rs.730,000

Suzuki Bolan Advantages

  • Fuel efficient
  • Value for money
  • Spacious cabin
  • 8 passenger capacity
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Good mileage

Suzuki Bolan Disadvantages

  • Boxy look
  • Engine under seat

Suzuki Bolan Specs/Specifications

Suzuki Bolan 2012 latest specifications
Suzuki Bolan Pictures & Wallpapers