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August 23, 2017

Brock Lesnar Wallpapers & Biography – The Beast of WWE

Brock Lesnar Biography

He stunned the all WWE universe when he started his career in WWE and became the youngest WWE Champion. In 2004 he again surprised everyone when he retired from WWE after losing match against Goldberg in Wrestle Mania. Now in 2012 he once again surprises everyone when he made his come back in WWE by delivering F-5 to John Cena.
There is no match of Brock Lesnar’s staggering strength, scary intensity and will to fight; all these qualities make him a real Freaky Monster. So far he dominates all type of combat sports like amateur wrestling, professional wrestling and martial arts. There are two thing you must know about this freak, first his finishing move “F5” and secondly his slogan “Here Comes the Pain”.

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Brock Lesnar Profile

  • Date of Birth: 12 July 1977
  • Place of Birth: Webster, South Dakota, USA
  • Height: 6.3 feet
  • Finishing Move: F 5
  • UFC Heavyweight Championship
  • MMA Most Valuable Fighter
  • WWE Champion
  • Royal Rumble Winner
  • King of the Ring

Brock Lesnar Wallpapers

Here are some high quality HD wallpapers of Brock Lesnar.

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