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July 23, 2017

Belinda Bencic Wallpaper IPhone

Belinda Bencic wallpaper IPhone

There is nothing more stylish trendy than having this young tennis star on the screen of your IPhone 6. Belinda Bencic is professional tennis player from Switzerland. At very young age she impressed everyone with her tennis skills as she defeated some big names of tennis circuits at beginning of her career. Due to her consistent and amazing performances at WTA tournaments and at Grand Slams she broke into the top ten ranking of singles in 2016 and became the youngest girl in top ten at that time.

Bencic’s ideal player is another Swiss legendary tennis player Martina Hingis. Interestingly at one point of her career she was coached and trained by the mother of Martina Hingis.

Another interesting fact about Bencic is that she is more dangerous against the top seed tennis player and won most of her matches against these star players. This is also one reason that she reached into the top ten in short span of time.

Here in this post we have designed wallpapers of Belinda Bencic especially for I Phone 6 and I Phone 6 Plus. The resolution of these wallpapers is most commonly used resolution for I Phone 6 wallpapers. All you have to do is to click on the thumbnail given below to download these wallpapers for free.

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